Student`s tutor

Once admitted onto the doctoral programme, the corresponding Academic Committee will assign each student a Tutor. The Tutor will have ties with the Doctoral School, be in possession of a doctorate and have demonstrable research experience.

Tutors will take charge of offering their students initial guidance and ensuring the suitability of their training and research activity to the policy of the doctoral programme and the Doctoral School.

Among other tasks, tutors will:

  • Oversee student’s dealings with the Academic Committee of the programme.
  • Sign the written undertaking setting out their supervisory functions with respect to their students.
  • Submit to regular review their students’ Record of Activities Document.
  • Report on periodically and endorse their students’ Research Plan.
  • Help their students in the course of their training, providing them with the information, guidance and resources needed for their studies.
  • Agree in with the School’s Learning and good practice agreement.