Funding and grants

Numerous organisations offer scholarships and grants for doctoral studies. Their ambit may be regional, national or international.

In the national sphere, of particular note are the Ministry's announcements of for applications for the University Teacher Training and the Research Staff Training Programmes. There is also a long-standing tradition of grants awarded by the Consejo Superior de Investigación Científicas (Spanish National Research Council) and the La Caixa, ONCE and Fulbright foundations. Some of them are aimed at specific groups or specific items (such as research stays).

In the international sphere, as far as Spanish-dependent organisations are concerned, grants from the Carolina Foundation and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) are particularly worth mentioning. However, there are also numerous international organisations and foundations offering grants for postgraduate studies.

The University of Alcalá itself has its own programme of grants for doctoral studies, with a two-pronged approach, providing funding for the training of university teaching staff and research staff. In addition, from time to time, specific grants associated with research projects are offered.

The range of opportunities offered by these organisations is so wide and changing that it is difficult to keep track and up to date, as they vary considerably from one year to the next. For this reason, prospective or current PhD students are advised to regularly check the calls for applications issued by the different organisations.

This link ( contains information from the Research Management Service of the University of Alcalá, where the announcements of the University's own programme of research grants, research staff contracts and mobility grants are published. It also has a search engine for these announcements (

Other sources of financial assistance

The University of Alcalá announces specific grants serving particular needs of its doctoral: