Record of activities document

Once enrolled in the Doctoral School, doctoral students have a personal space in the DATRES Platform, where they will manage, among other things, their personalized Activity Document, where all the training activities of interest carried out must be registered. In DATRES, this document is the tab called "Training Activities". 
The training activities include the following typology:
1. Transversal Activities
1.1. Seminars and/or courses organized by the Doctoral School.
1.2. Young Researchers' Conferences
2. Specific Activities
2.1. National and international conferences
2.2. Publications and Patents
2.3. Seminars, courses, workshops, visits and conferences organized by the doctoral program 2.4.
2.4. Doctoral program conferences for the presentation of doctoral students' research work 2.5.
2.5. Visits to institutions, companies, research and documentation centers organized by the Ph.
2.6. Other specific activities of the Doctoral Program.
3. Research Stays
4. Other Activities
Some of these activities, those carried out at the Doctoral School and, in general, those carried out in the Doctoral Programs, will appear automatically, but the rest must be included in the document of activities by the doctoral student. 
In the case of activities organized by external entities (those included in the typology "4. Other activities"), they must have the approval of the Thesis Director or the Tutor, prior to the realization of the same.
The Activities Document will be reviewed annually by the Tutor and the Thesis Director and evaluated, together with the research plan and the personal training plan, by the Academic Committee of the Program.