Welcome to the Doctoral School of the University of Alcalá, an academic community committed to excellence in the scientific and technical training of our doctoral students.

The School is the continuation of a rich tradition of providing doctoral studies and activities that stretches back for centuries. Francisco Vallés, credited with the creation of modern anatomical pathology, earned his doctorate at the University before becoming Philip II's personal physician and one of the leading figures of Renaissance medicine. It was at Alcalá too that, in 1785, María Isidra de Guzmán became the first Spanish woman to be awarded a doctorate. More recently, doctoral studies were run under the aegis of the Postgraduate School, with a vast diversity of programmes being offered to Spanish students and foreign students from the five continents.

The University of Alcalá's Doctoral School was created on 29 October 2012 with a view to develop and deliver doctoral degrees in the five branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Legal and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering and Architecture.

The School's chief goal is to forge a model for doctoral training in line with the University of Alcalá's research and training strategy, thus providing a suitable framework for doctoral students to carry out quality research. At the same time, the School's members are firmly committed to enhancing the international projection of its programmes as well as its links with the productive sector, all with a view to facilitating the employment of its doctors.

The Doctoral School is organised and its programmes regulated in accordance with the following legislation: