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The process of access and admission onto a doctoral programme involves the applicant and the responsible Academic Committee directly.

When applying for admission onto a doctoral programme , the following steps should be followed:

  1. Check you meet the general access and specific admission requirements.
  2. Find out all the details about the doctoral programme you wish to pursue in the section Find a programme.
  3. To make it easier for the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme to evaluate your application and, where appropriate, to assign a tutor and supervisor, it is advisable to write a  letter ofmotivation (PDF) in the following format. Please contact the PhD Programme Coordinator to resolve any doubts you may have about this document.
  4. Go to registration in doctoral programmes and follow the indications there, bearing in mind that you must upload the  required electronic documents in PDF format (no file should exceed 4 MB and the total size should not exceed 10 MB).
  5. The outcome of your application will be notified by email. You may also consult the registration application
    1. If admitted by the programme’s academic committee you must:
      1. Submit the required documentation, in person or by email, at the Doctoral School (Colegio de León, C/ Libreros, 21; 28801 Alcalá de Henares - Madrid).
      2. Sign together with your Tutor and Thesis Supervisor, the Learning and Good Practice Agreement included in the admission form.
      3. Formalize your enrolment within ten days from the communication of admission. The username and password are the same as for pre-registration. 
    2. Should your admission application be rejected, you may appeal within the three days following the day you received notification by email. To appeal you could use the same computer application. 

Required documents

When registering

On the application’s “Attach documents” screen you must upload in PDF format the documents listed below (no file should exceed 4 MB and the total size should not exceed 10 MB). You need to bear in mind that these are the documents the programme’s Academic Committee will use to assess your admission.

  • DNI (Spanish citizens), Passport or NIE (foreign citizens).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Degree certificate or certificates required for access. See access requirements.
  • Transcript of marks awarded during degree, including the average mark or, if not available, some document containing this information.
  • If the degree is from outside the EHEA, a certificate issued by the university that awarded the degree which indicates that said degree grants access to doctoral studies in the issuing country.
  • Document that justifies part-time status, if that is your case.
  • Letter of motivation.

If you are admitted by the doctoral programme’s Academic Committee:

You must submit at the Doctoral School paper copies of the documents listed below. Should you fail to do so, your admission will be cancelled. 

Students with Spanish or EHEA degree

  • Certified or collated photocopy of degree(s) according to type of entry (see access requirements)  or payment slip in proof of payment of degree certificate fees, or other proof of having requested said certificate, or certification of completion of 60 credits or equivalent in official postgraduate programmes.
  • In the case of officially recognised foreign degrees, a certified or collated photocopy of the recognition credential issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. 
  • Certified or collated photocopy of the award of Research Competence (for Plan 85 students), or of the C-DEA (for Plan 98 students). In the latter case, in addition to the C-DEA, a personal academic certificate specifying the courses and projects carried out as part of the programme and a photocopy of the personal academic certificate showing the average mark for the degree of licentiate, architect, engineer, diploma, technical architect or technical engineer. 
  • Compulsory health insurance. If you are not a citizen of Spain or the European Union and wish to stay in Spain for more than one month, you should take out a compulsory health insurance policy. For full information:

Students with non-EHEA degrees

  • Up-to-date, legible photocopy of ID (Spanish citizens) or of passport or residence permit (foreign citizens), and curriculum vitae.
  • Certified or collated photocopy of the foreign higher degree and master’s degree certificate, or proof of application for it, as well as of the academic certificate of studies completed showing the official duration of the study programme in academic years, the subjects taken and the study load corresponding to each one (these documents must be duly Legalisation, Translation, Authentication and Verification of Documents when applicable).
  • Certified or collated photocopy of the certificate issued by the University which awarded the degree, vouching to the fact that said degree permits entry to doctoral studies in the issuing country (This document must be duly Legalisation, Translation, Authentication and Verification of Documents).
  • Compulsory health insurance. If you are not a citizen of Spain or the European Union and wish to stay in Spain for more than one month, you should take out a compulsory health insurance policy. For full information:

Academic documents should be presented as follows:

  • Non-EHEA academic degree titles should be legalized. The legalization or apostille must appear on the original document, before making the photocopy for the purposes of official authentication.
  • Important note: original academic documents not issued in Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguesemust be accompanied by a sworn translation into one of the foregoing languages.

Presentation of documents

  • Verification of the degree through the free service "Consulta de Títulos Universitarios", (only for degrees issued in Spain) of the Ministry of Education. Through this service you can authorise the UAH to verify the details of your degree without the need to provide it on paper. In this Guide we tell you how to do it.
  • Valid e-document. It may be sent by email.
  • Originals and copies: in person at Doctoral School, by appointment. Once authenticated, the originals will be returned. This can also be done using the electronic register.
  • Officially authenticated copies: these may be sent by conventional mail or presented in person by appointment (at Doctoral School). The copies must have been officially authenticated by a notary, a competent administrative body or by the Spanish embassy or consulate in the country that issued the document.

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