Escuela de Doctorado - UAH - Prospective Students - Cancellation of matriculation

Cancellation of matriculation

Cancellation will become effective for non-payment of the full or partial amount of the fees and it will entail:

New intake students:

Failure to have paid the corresponding academic tutelage fee will mean your admission is not valid and your academic file will be closed.

Students in other years:

  • Failure to pay the corresponding fees in the stated periods will mean closure of the student’s academic file and the consequent loss of the status of doctoral student of the University of Alcalá. 
  • Should the student consider embarking on Doctoral studies in the future, entry and admission will have to be newly applied for.

It will also imply:

  • Loss of amounts previously paid.
  • Payment of the pending amounts of fees from previous academic years, as a precondition to accept future enrollment.
  • Denial of issuance of certificates or titles when you have pending payments; the University may establish on these amounts a surcharge equivalent to the official interest rates for the debt period.