Escuela de Doctorado - UAH - Academic procedures - Qualifications and certificates

Academic certificates

If you wish to obtain certificates that attest to your academic record, these will be issued on application following payment of the public fees applicable at the time of application.

Instructions for application and payment are given below. 

Application and documents to submit:

Method of payment:

  • If you reside in Spain:
    ​You can pay in cash at any branch of the Banco Santander, presenting two copies of the invoice for payment. After paying, you must inform the: .
  • If you reside abroad:
    You must pay by bank transfer. The bank details are: 

    Account Number - Banco Santander: 0049 6692 80 2116216042 
    IBAN CODE ES85 0049 6692 8021 1621 6042 SWIFT BSCHESMM 
    Calle Libreros 19, 28801 - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). 
    Telephone: 91 889 11 58. 

    The amount to be paid is shown on the invoice. Applicants are responsible for payment of all transfer fees or other bank charges incurred, and such costs may not be deducted from the amount of the government-regulated price of the certificate.
    The bank transfer receipt must include:
    The student's surname(s) and first name(s). 
    The item, e.g. Academic certificate of the Doctoral Programme.

    After payment, you must send proof of transfer (the bank transfer receipt) to
    Note: The certificate will not be prepared or issued if the amount transferred is less than the price of the requested document.

Issue of Certificate:

If you paid in cash at the bank, your certificate will be issued within ten days from the date you presented the bank receipt at the Doctoral School.

If you paid by bank transfer, your certificate will be issued within ten days from the date of verification of payment made. Where bank fees and charges have reduced the amount due for the academic certificate, the outstanding amount will be requested and your certificate will be issued within ten days from the date on which full payment is completed.

Delivery of the certificate:

The University of Alcalá issues academic certificates that contain an electronic signature and a secure verification code. The document is generated in PDF format and will be sent, only and exclusively by e-mail so that the interestad party can save it in his/her personal folders. It will always have the status of an original document so there is no need to request certified copies.           


Application for the Title of Doctor

The full title of the Doctoral degree is "Doctor of the University of Alcalá". The degree title will also include information specifying the field of knowledge to which the thesis corresponds.

The Doctoral degree title will be officially recognised as valid throughout the national territory and entitles the holder to enjoy the rights associated with this qualification endowed by the regulations in force.

At the back, the Doctoral degree may also include the following mentions, provided that the requirements established for this purpose have been met in the defence of the thesis:

  1. Thesis in joint Doctoral degrees with the University U, (art. 15 RD 99/2111)
  2. “International Doctorate” mention (art. 15 RD 99/2111)
  3. “Industrial Doctorate” mention (art. 15bis RD 99/2111)
  4. “European Doctor” mention, in those programmes under the decree RD 98/1998.

Requirements to apply for the title

Once the thesis has been defended, the documentation has been received from the committee and the Cum Laude Mention has been decided, the academic record will be closed and the degree can be applied for, 15 days after the Cum Laude Mention result has been communicated.

The certificate will be issued when you request it, on payment of the public fees at the time of application.

For transactions related to this application you need a username and password. If you do not remember them, click here

Steps to apply for the title

  1. Fill in and sign the Doctoral Degree Application Form (PDF). You must indicate if any reductions or exemptions of the public prices  apply.
  2. Send the scanned application along with a copy of your DNI or NIE or Passport (foreign citizens) to . If you are a member of a large family, the corresponding reduction will be applied automatically, provided that your file is updated. Otherwise, before continuing, it is necessary that you send the valid card.
  3. To make the payment of the Doctorate Degree title, you must enter My Portal on the University of Alcalá's website, select Application for Management of Receipts and, in Other Payments, you can choose the form of payment, either by printing the bank receipt and paying at the Bank of Santander or by making the payment online. If you choose the latter option you should not print the receipt.

Collection of degree certificate

When the title is issued, we will write to your email address listed on your record. You can collect it:

From the Doctoral School: by appointment clicking here

  • In person: you will need to bring proof of your identity - your DNI (Spanish citizens) or NIE/Passport (foreign citizens) or the national ID of a EU country.
  • By another person: they will need to be authorised by power of attorney in order to collect the title on your behalf. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, it must be duly authenticated and translated into Spanish.

If you reside in a Autonomous Community different from that of the University or abroad, you can request, on payment of the established fees, to collect the title from the Delegation or Sub-Delegation of the Government of the Autonomous Community which you have indicated or from the Diplomatic Representation of Spain in the country concerned. 

Steps to request the shipment of the title:

1. Send the Application form (PDF) scanned and signed to

2. Once received, the receipt will be sent by e-mail for the payment to be made. Likewise, you must send by e-mail the corresponding proof of payment.

3. After sending the certificate to the address on your application, in the case it is returned to the University for reasons not attributable to this institution, if you want to use this service again, you will have to make a new application and pay the fees again.

Provisional degree certificate

Once applicants have paid their degree title issuance fees, they may request a provisional degree title certificate which shall serve as a substitute of equal value until such time as the definitive certificate is issued. This provisional certificate shall be signed by the Rector and shall have the same effect as the definitive degree title, without incurring any additional cost.

You will have to fill in the application form: Application for Provisional Title Certificate and send it to  

If the applicant intends to legalise this certificate and the successfully completed doctoral programme is regulated by Royal Decree 56/2005 and Royal Decree 1393/2007, the provisional certificate shall be available within approximately one month of submitting the application. Application for Provisional Title Certificate (PDF).    

Application for a duplicate of the Title of Doctor:

  • Loss or theft of the original

The loss or theft must be reported by e-mail to . The Doctoral School will then process the request to the Department of Titles for the publication of the announcement in the BOE.

After a month since the publication of the announcement in the BOE, a duplicate can be requested by e-mail to . The Doctoral School will send the interested party a receipt for payment. Once the payment has been made, the proof of payment, the notice published in the BOE and a legible copy of both sides of a valid DNI (for Spanish citizens), passport or NIE (for foreign citizens) will be sent to the aforementioned e-mail address.

  • Damage to the original or other situations

A duplicate of the title will be requested by e-mail to . The Doctoral School will send the interested party a receipt for payment. Once the payment has been done, the original damaged title, the proof of payment, a legible copy of both sides of a valid DNI (Spanish citizens), passport or NIE (foreign citizens) will be sent to the aforementioned e-mail address.

Once the documents have been received, they will be processed by the Department of Titles.

Recognition of foreign titles

Requests to establish the declaration of equivalence of foreign higher education degree titles to the title of Doctoral Degree must be submitted to the Doctoral School, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation approved by the Governing Body of the University of Alcalá at its session of 25 June 2015. Application form