Doctoral School - UAH - Doctoral Thesis - Research Plan

The Research Plan is a document prepared by the student, with the guidance of its tutor and supervisor, in which they draft the planning of the research that will be carried out throughout the doctoral period. Its size and format may vary, but it must include at least the following contents:

  • Title of proposed research
  • Tutor and supervisor(s)
  • Introduction to the subject of research
  • Literature review
  • Working hypothesis / Research questions
  • Proposed goals
  • Methodology to be employed
  • Available means and material resources
  • Schedule
  • Bibliographical references

In the following link you can access a template of the plan:  Research Plan (WORD) 

Time limits

  • Within the first six months from the date of admission, the students, both part time or full time, will send the Research Plan in PDF format, with the corresponding signatures, to the doctoral programme coordinator. The academic committee will assess this Research Plan as indicated in the Assessment Report.
  • Then, the academic committe will have a period of three months to issue the corresponding assement report. In any case, the committe must take into account that this report must be issued within the first nine months from the date of admission of the student.
  • If the report is negative, the student can submit a modified plan within the next 15 days. Once the new version of the plan has been received, the academic committee must issue the second report before twelve months from the date admission of the student.

Once approved by the committee, the Assessment Report and the Research Plan should be submitted to the Doctoral School. Likewise, the academic committee will inform the student of their assessment of the Research Plan.



The Research Plan can be improved and fleshed out throughout the student’s residence on the programme. When significant changes have been made (affecting the title or subject matter, for instance), the academic committee must send the new version of the plan, with its corresponding approval, to the Doctoral School before depositing the Thesis.