Doctoral School - UAH - Doctoral Thesis - Writing and Examination

The Doctoral Thesis is an original piece of research written by the doctoral student and represents the core of the Research Plan.

It is possible to present the thesis as a compendium of articles written by the student and published in organs of recognised repute. The minimum number of articles is three. In this case, in addition to the articles, the thesis must include an ample summary lending coherence to the piece of research as a whole, indicating its overall line of argument, and appending a chapter by way of conclusion.

The Academic Committee will be responsible for the approving the submission of the Thesis. If the defence of the Thesis is authorised, the Academic Committee of the programme will draft and approve the panel proposal, using the standard form. The panel will be appointed by the Official Postgraduate Studies Committee.

For programmes under previous decrees, the Department responsible for the programme will perform these procedures.

In the case of foreign students who have written their doctoral thesis in a language other than their mother tongue, the same level of linguistic competence will apply as reflected in the admission requirements of the doctoral programme in which they are pursuing their studies.  (Agreement of the Managing Board of the UAH Doctoral School, 13 May 2015.)  

If the doctoral thesis is written in the framework of a cotuition agreement, where relevant the language requirement stipulated in said agreement will be taken into account.  (Agreement of the Managing Board of the UAH Doctoral School, 13 May 2015.) 

For more details on the format, presentation and examination of the thesis, see this Guide (PDF)

Process of the final phase of the doctoral thesis


e_Buah repository

e_Buah is the institutional repository of the University of Alcalá. Its aim is to enable open access to the scientific production of the UAH, as well as to ensure the preservation of digital files. This repository has a "Doctoral Thesis" collection, which contains all the theses defended at the UAH whose authors have authorised their inclusion in e_Buah. 



Publication of the Thesis

The University of Alcalá Press offers the possibility of publishing a digital edition with ISBN, of those doctoral theses submitted and defended at this University. For more information, see the following link Servicio de Publicaciones.


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