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To help students acquire the competences corresponding to a doctoral degree, the Doctoral School offers various training activities which together amount to a coherent training strategy designed in collaboration with the different doctoral programme coordinators. It includes:

  • Transferable skills training
  • Specific training activities

Students must enter the training activities they perform in the course of their doctoral studies in a personalised control record called Record of Activities Document.

Transferable skills training

Each academic year, the Doctoral School runs three types of optional transferable  skills activities, the aim of which is to develop the competences and personal capacities common to all our doctoral programmes.

  • Seminars. The School offers annually a series of seminars for students of all doctoral programmes on matters related to the search and management of information, the oral and written presentation of research, project preparation, ethical aspects of research, and so on. It is advisable to attend these seminars during the first or second year of the doctorate.
  • Young researchers seminars. Every two years, the University of Alcalá has been running these seminars, which provide students with the opportunity to present their research and preview some of its findings before their fellow-students and lecturers. It is advisable to carry out this activity in the second or third year of the doctorate.
  • Research stays in companies or institutions. To help students to gain an insight into the world of work and to apply research methods from industry or institutions, our doctoral programmes may organise research stays in companies or institutions with research departments. At present, the University of Alcalá has more than 400 agreements with companies. The management of these stays is delegated to each doctoral programme. See the Rules on research stays in companies or institutions for doctoral studies at the University of Alcala (PDF)Agreement template (WORD)

Registration to Transferable skills activities

The registration in transferable skills activities is not open throughout the academic year; each activity has its own period, which is activated once the students have received an email from the Doctoral School calling the activity and including the link to make the inscription. During this period, once the vacancies are covered, a waiting list is established in case of vacancies.

Offers reserved for PhD students with officially recognized disabilities

The Doctoral School guarantees the realization of 5% of its transversal activities offered in an academic year to those students who documentarily demonstrate a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Students in this situation may access one of the activities offered by the School in response to this circumstance and may request admission to the rest of the transversal training activities on equal terms of the rest of the doctoral students.

Transferable skills activities scheduled for the course 2019-2020

Training activity Date Place of imparting
Innovación universidad-empresa días 17 de septiembre, 1 y 22 de octubre, y 5 de noviembre de 2019 Sala CR 4 A GRU 6, CRAI, Plaza de San Diego, s/n. Alcalá de Henares.

Other transferable skills activities

Together with the transferable skills activities offered by our Doctoral School, students can also take courses, seminars and other activities offered by other universities or institutions, Spanish or foreign, either face-to-face or online, obtaining the corresponding certificate. Some examples of online platforms are:

The contents of all these activities should fit the definition of transferable skills training (that is to say, acquisition of competences that are common to all the branches and disciplines of the doctorate) and they must previously have the approval of the Tutor and the Thesis Supervisor.

Specific activities

Each Doctoral Programme includes different specific training activities tailored to its students. 

The range of specific activities available can be consulted in the academic prospectus for each programme.

Registration to Specific training activities

For enrolment in specific training activities, students should use means proposed in the offer of activities or contact the Coordinator of the doctoral program from which the activity is offered.