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General considerations

In order to enable students to acquire the skills defined for the PhD, each academic year, the Doctoral School offers different training activities. This offer constitutes a coherent training proposal designed in collaboration with the coordinators of the different Doctoral Programmes and includes:

a) Transversal Training Activities, offered by the Doctoral School on an annual basis.

b) Dedicated or area activities. Each PhD programme includes different specialised training activities of interest to its doctoral students.

In the same way, doctoral students can suggest their own activities. In this case, the student will propose them to their thesis tutor and/or supervisor(s) and they must have their approval before being recorded in the Activities Document. Training activities that may be registered include, among others: conferences, seminars, workshops, participation in congresses (as a speaker or attendee), summer courses, etc.

Transversal Activities training

Each academic year, EDUAH organises three types of free, optional, transversal activities that aim to develop the personal skills and abilities involved in all the Doctorate Programmes:

  • Seminars. Every year EDUAH offers seminars for all its PhD Programmes on subjects related to information search and management, oral or written presentation of research, project preparation, ethical aspects in research, etc. Students are recommended to attend these seminars during the first or second year of the doctorate.
  • The Young Researchers Conference, held every two years at the University of Alcalá, is an opportunity for doctoral students to present the progress of their research work to their own colleagues and teachers. Students are recommended to take part in this activity during the second or third year of the doctorate.

Similarly, each PhD programme offers its own dedicated activities, stipulates whether they are compulsory or not, and takes charge of announcing them and advertising them among the students on its programme.

In addition, with the aim of allowing doctoral students to have a better understanding of the world of work and to be able to incorporate into their work research methods drawn from that business or institutional environment, the PhD Programmes can organise research stays in companies or institutions that have research departments. Currently, the University of Alcalá has signed more than 400 agreements with companies regarding postgraduate studies. The organization of these stays is delegated to each PhD programme. See: Procedimiento de Estancias de Investigación en Empresas o Instituciones de los Estudios de Doctorado de la UAH (PDF)

Registration to Transferable skills activities

Registration for transversal activities is not open throughout the academic year as each activity has its own registration period. The period begins when students receive an email from the Doctoral School announcing the activity and including a link for registration. During this period, once the places offered have been covered, a waiting list will be drawn up in case any places fall vacant.

For each activity, students will be selected in order of registration, although priority will be given to those students who have not carried out any previous activity during that academic year.

If students selected for an activity do not carry it out for no good reason and no explanation is submitted to the Doctoral School and the activity organisers, they will be penalised and will not be able to take part in the following activities offered by the School during the academic year.

In recent years, an effort has been made to expand the range of online activities, which we expect will continue to grow in the future. However, it should be borne in mind that the UAH is a classroom-based teaching institution, not a distance-learning university.

Reservation of places for PhD students with officially recognised disability

The Doctoral School reserves 5% of its annual offer of transversal activities for students with a recognised degree of disability of 33% or more.

Such students may take part in one of the activities offered by the School on those terms, applying for admission to the rest of the transversal training activities under the same conditions as other PhD students.

Activity certificates and questionnaires.

Once the activity is finished, a course satisfaction questionnaire must be completed. If the activity is classroom-based, the course certificate may be presented in person by the teacher or through the Virtual Classroom. Information will be provided in either case.

In the case of online activities, the certificate can only be obtained through the Virtual Classroom. This should be done as soon as the activity is over and before the platform session ends and access is no longer available.

These transversal and dedicated activities are only some of the activities that may be carried out as part of doctoral training. In general, they are optional (except for some PhD programmes' dedicated activities). Students and tutors/supervisors must collaborate in devising a more complete and ambitious plan of activities including other internal/external activities (seminars, congresses, courses, stays...) to ensure that the training period proceeds satisfactorily. The plan will be evaluated annually by the Academic Committee. 

Transferable skills activities scheduled for the course 2021-2022

Module Training activity Date Observations
I - Ética y buenas prácticas en la investigación Cuestiones básicas de protección de datos personales en investigación 10 de diciembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de 1º
La conducta responsable en la investigación: Ética en la escritura científica y la publicación, autoría y plagio Febrero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
El acceso abierto en la Universidad de Alcalá Abril 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
II - Gestión de la investigación Universidad, investigación y ODS Enero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Proyectos de investigación Del 17 al 21 de enero de 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Ciencia e Investigación: Marco General, Carrera Investigadora, Financiación I+D+i Del 8 al 12 noviembre de 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
III - Escritura y comunicación en el ámbito científico Leer las imágenes. Desarrollo de la alfabetización visual Disponible del 1 al 30 de noviembre. Sesiones en directo 2, 9, 16, 23 y 30 de noviembre de 12:00 a 14:00 h. Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Tesis en 3 minutos 3 de noviembre de 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
¿Qué debo saber para publicar en CC. Sociales y Humanidades? 18 de noviembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Comunicar Ciencia: Curso de Introducción a la Divulgación Científica Del 22 de noviembre al 10 de diciembre
Técnicas para redactar y corregir tus textos en el ámbito profesional y académico Diciembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Presentación oral de trabajos de investigación en español: comunicación y defensa de tesis doctoral Febrero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Comunicación oral de la actividad científica Febrero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
IV - Bibliografía y bibliometría Estrategias de búsqueda y gestión de la información 22 de noviembre al 3 de diciembre de 2021 Prioridad alumnos de 1º
V - Herramientas, métodos y técnicas de investigación Introducción al análisis en R Enero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Análisis exploratorio de datos y modelos lineales en R Junio 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Métodos estadísticos para la investigación en Artes, Humanidades, Educación y C. Sociales y Jurídicas Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
VI - Trayectoria profesional del doctorando Protección de la innovación 27 de octubre, 3, 10, 17, 24 de noviembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Habilidades profesionales para líderes de investigación Noviembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
IMPULSA y DESPEGA tus habilidades y competencias para mejorar tu empleabilidad Noviembre 2021
Maximiza el impacto de tu investigación Diciembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Soft skills: demanda del mercado laboral y retos de investigación Enero 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Transferencia de conocimiento Abril 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Innovación universidad - empresa Mayo 2022 Prioridad alumnos de ≥2º
Actividades complementarias Jornada de bienvenida: contexto general del doctorado Diciembre 2021 Prioridad alumnos de 1º
Proceso y trámites para el depósito y defensa de la Tesis Doctoral enero 2021 Prioridad alumnos de útlimo año

Transferable skills activities given in the course 2021-2022

Training activity Date Place of imparting
SUMÉRGETE Entrenamiento y desarrollo de Soft Skills Del 4 al 29 octubre 2021 on-line

Other transferable skills activities

Together with the transferable skills activities offered by our Doctoral School, students can also take courses, seminars and other activities offered by other universities or institutions, Spanish or foreign, either face-to-face or online, obtaining the corresponding certificate. Some examples of online platforms are:

The contents of all these activities should fit the definition of transferable skills training (that is to say, acquisition of competences that are common to all the branches and disciplines of the doctorate) and they must previously have the approval of the Tutor and the Thesis Supervisor.

Specific activities

Each Doctoral Programme includes different specific training activities tailored to its students. 

The range of specific activities available can be consulted in the academic prospectus for each programme.

Registration to Specific training activities

For enrolment in specific training activities, students should use means proposed in the offer of activities or contact the Coordinator of the doctoral program from which the activity is offered.