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Tuition, administrative and other fees for academic year 2015-2016 are set in accordance with the Decree 80/2014, of 17 July, of the Community of Madrid’ Governing Council, (BOCM 21 July 2014), modified by the Decree 184/2015, of 29 July (BOCM 3 August 2015).

Public fees

Academic tutelage for the registration of the doctoral thesis and the research phase, applicable exclusively to degrees regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011.

Full time students (enrolment done between September and January) €390
Part time students or enrolment done between February and July €234
Secretarial fees
Creation of academic record (only students matriculating for first time in UAH PhD studies). 27,54€
Secretarial expenses (all students every academic year). 6,11€
Student insurance 1,12€
Other fees
Validation and recognition certificates. 25% of cost of credit.
Research Aptitude examination. 107,81€
Examination of Doctoral Thesis. 143,15€
Academic certificates. 27,54€
Teaching period certificate. 39,41€
Certification of documents. 10,43€
Issue of academic doctoral degree certificate. 229,86€
Issue of European degree supplement. Free
Issue and impression of copy of official and postgraduate university degree certificates. 35,39€
Declaration of equivalence of foreign higher education degree titles to the title of Doctoral Degree. 160,00€

Voluntary accident insurance

The University has an accident insurance policy which you may subscribe to voluntarily by selecting this option on the automatriculation application: